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Risk Management

Burgos Accountants N.V. can assist you in setting up a Risk Management system or we can conduct the complete system for you. Presently, it is deemed increasingly important by stakeholders of companies and organizations, that management reports with regard to the management of relevant risks. The background hereof is that there is an increasing occurrence of risks that threaten the continuity of organizations whereby these risks are becoming more complex and radical.

It is therefore of great importance for companies and organizations to conduct periodic systematical risk assessments. With a risk assessment , discussions are held within the organization, at multiple levels, on the relevant risks. These discussions are primarily aimed at the manner in which the organization should deal with these risks.

The risk assessments should result in an adequate Risk Management Plan. It is vital that these exercises take place regularly, in order to timely map out risks and adjust the Risk Management Plan so that possible new risks can also be approached adequately. Our organization will readily assist you in setting up a thorough Risk Management framework, as well as with the periodic maintenance thereof.